About Us

An Asian grill house

Preserving standards

Preserving standards of culinary excellence in the world of competitive grilled cuisine brings challenges and responsibilities aimed at ensuring Buffalo Grill customers become true food lovers who place their value, above all else, in the quality of a memorable dining experience.

We don't cook, we create

We invite you to an alternative dining experience, with our extensive knowledge of the traditional Indian cuisine and the new concept in Asian grill houses, we have combined the two, to bring you a mouth watering menu which is both modern and creative.

The challenge was to introduce our diners to new flavour combinations while at the same time, satisfying their existing palate ... but most of all we wanted to provide quality when the demand always seemed to focus on a low price meal


Great service

Our promise

We only put our trust in providers who deliver halal, fresh and sustainable products.

Buffalo Grill Chef

Make a reservation

For bookings within the next 48 hours please be advised we only take reservations via phone.

Or call us directly 01582 484 211

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